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Coire Leis

Coire Leis is a great option for those who want a bigger challenge than the Mountain Track whilst walking on less technical terrain than the CMD Arête. It is a fantastic way to experience the majestic, quieter North Face of Ben Nevis.


The day starts from the North Face Car Park, heading up a good path to a mountaineering hut at 680 metres. We then head over rocky terrain to the back wall of Coire Leis. The way steepens for a hard push up to join the end of the CMD Arête. We then have a steep, rocky hike to get us onto the summit of Ben Nevis

We can help your ascent by:

- setting an appropriate pace

- knowing the best spots and times for breaks

 - navigating in poor weather conditions

- providing appropriate support on steep terrain

-  informing you about the history of the mountain

- identifying things that we see on the way, such as mountain flora and neighbouring peaks

Distance: 16.3km/10.1 miles

Duration (average): 7 - 9 hours 

Ascent: 1397 metres

You should have a good level of fitness and be comfortable with moving on unsteady terrain. Previous hillwalking/hiking experience will be very helpful.

Click below to discuss this route and check our availability! 

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