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The weather in the Scottish Highlands can be extreme and can change dramatically in a matter of minutes, especially in mountain environments. Rain is common and on our highest mountains it can often feel as cold as -10 degrees celsius, even in summer. This is a comprehensive kit list designed for our hardest weather to ensure that you have the best chance of enjoying your day out. 


Prior to your trip, your guide will advise what actually needs to be packed into your rucksack according to the weather forecasts and route chosen. Please do not worry if you do not have any items on this list - get in touch with us and we will find a solution.




  • Waterproof Walking Boots with ankle support - Conditions will often be wet underfoot, even on the sunniest of days, and can include rough, pathless terrain.


  • Waterproof Jacket - With a good hood. Please note, “Water Resistant” is not the same as “Waterproof” and is unfortunately insufficient.


  • Waterproof Trousers - Again, “Water Resistant” is inadequate. Trousers with side zips are recommended for getting them over your boots.


  • Thermal base layer top - Polyester or woollen, no cotton.


  • Warm mid layer top - Such as fleece.


  • Spare insulating layer - Fleece or synthetic insulating layer.


  • Walking Trousers - Not jeans.


  • Warm Hat -That covers your ears, a beanie style works well.


  • Gloves - A spare pair is recommended. It is not uncommon for our guides to use several pairs of winter mountaineering/ski gloves during a hard day of weather


  • Water Bottle/Food - 1 litre capacity is sufficient. Platypus style with a hose can also be useful for regular hydration. Enough food to last the day and some spare. It’s a good idea to have a mix of fast and slow energy foods e.g. a  couple of BLT sandwiches, chocolate and some dried fruit. Most important, make sure it’s food that you look forward to eating!


  • Rucksack - Large enough to carry everything on this list. Around 25 litres should be sufficient. Also recommended is a poly/bin bag to use as a liner as rucksacks are not waterproof


  • Phone - In a waterproof case.




  • Sun Hat, Sun Cream, Sunglasses - When it happens, it’s glorious and we’ll need to protect ourselves over the course of a day!


  • Walking Poles - They can take a huge amount of strain off the lower body over the course of a day


  • Midge Repellent - We recommend “Smidge.” In certain conditions this can become essential!


  • Thermos Flask - With whatever hot beverage you please. This can work wonders on a cold, wet day!


  • Small First Aid Kit - With blister pads and any personal medication. 


  • Gaiters - For additional water protection, no boot is waterproof if water gets in the top!

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