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The Mountain Track

This is the most straightforward way to ascend Ben Nevis and a memorable experience! A well-built path aids the ascent, though at times it is very rough and the solid rock can be tough on the body when descending. In poor weather conditions, the summit plateau can be difficult to find your way and keep to a safe route. 

We can help your ascent by:

- setting an appropriate pace

- knowing the best spots and times for breaks

 - navigating in poor weather conditions

-  informing you about the history of the mountain

- identifying things that we see on the way, such as mountain flora and neighbouring peaks

Distance: 17km/10.5 miles

Duration (average): 7 - 9 hours 

Ascent: 1300 metres

Having a good level of fitness increases your chances of reaching the summit, however with a great attitude and determination, most people can summit.

Click below to discuss this route and check our availability!

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