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"Surely we all have a responsibility to care for our Blue Planet. The future of humanity and indeed, all life on earth, now depends on us."

Sir David Attenborough


Nevis Partnership

For evey trip we run, we donate £5 to the Nevis  Partnership

The Nevis Partnership is an organisation working to protect and enhance the land. They deliver fun and engaging projects all over Glen Nevis and Ben Nevis and we are very lucky to have them! Why not head over to their site to find out more? When you are there you can sign up as a member - it's FREE!

Mountain Rescue

For every trip we run, we donate £5 to the mountain rescue team that would come to our aid if required.

We do everything we can to ensure a safe, enjoyable trip however there is always an element of risk and sometimes things do go wrong. In such a situation we may need extra help getting off the mountain. Mountain Rescue teams are comprised of volunteers and rely on public funding to continue operating. They are an unwavering comfort to the mind when heading out on the hills.

White Orchid close up with mountain behind

Small Group Sizes

Lower guide to client ratio means:

More time to talk about environmental impacts, their causes, and solutions.

Less cars in car parks which often have limited space


Our Guides will always carry litter off the mountains and will encourage others to do the same. If there is no litter on the mountain, we will check the car parks.

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